Learn HTML5 Programming From Beginner to Pro

Learn HTML5 Programming From Beginner to Pro

The easiest way to learn web design, HTML step-by-step from scratch. Real World Example with HTML

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of HTML5
  • Formating Page Content
  • Displaying Images
  • Landing pages or One page website
  • Understanding file paths
  • Semantic markup
  • Links and Navigation
  • Setting Up Environment
  • Learn the structural foundation of web pages and applications
  • Advanced HTML5
  • SEO optimize website


  • No coding or design experience necessary
  • Any computer will do — Windows, OSX or Linux
  • You don’t need to buy any software — we will use the best free web development editor in the world
  • You do not need any prior knowledge about HTML
  • Having Google Chrome installed will be necessary


Hi! Welcome to my course. This course will help you learn the latest technologies, tools, and libraries to become a proficient web developer.

HTML is the language common to every website. Web designers and developers use HTML to present information to users like text, links, images videos and so much more. If you want to build your own website, web application or know how to edit other website or web application, you will need to understand HTML

Learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the language common to every website. HTML describes the basic structure and content of a web page. If you want to build a website or web application, you’ll need to know HTML.

Who this course is for:

  • People who have no experience with HTML and want to learn it
  • Complete beginners who want to learn HTML

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