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2020 – Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners

The Complete Course of Shell Scripting: Step-by-Step Instructions

What you’ll learn

  • Shell Scripting course is designed to help beginners and professionals
  • The Fundamentals of Shell Scripting
  • Debug Shell Scripting


  • Minimal programming knowledge – use of variables, functions, is useful background knowledge
  • Programmers of ruby, perl, python, C, Pascal, or any programming language (even BASIC) who can maybe read shell scripts, but don’t feel they understand exactly how they work.


This course is written to help people understand some of the basics of shell script programming (aka shell scripting), and hopefully to introduce some of the possibilities of simple but powerful programming available under the Bourne shell. As such, it has been written as a basis for one-on-one or group tutorials and exercises, and as a reference for subsequent use.Who this course is for:

  • If you are using any major operating system you are indirectly interacting to shell
  • If you are running Ubuntu, Linux Mint or any other Linux distribution
  • You are interacting to shell every time you use terminal

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