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[2021 ]The Complete Resume Writing Course

A detailed course to write an effective resume that can grab the Hiring Manager’s attention

What you’ll learn

  • COMPREHEND to write a strong and attention-seeking resume
  • UNDERSTAND to write a resume that stands out and make it appealing and marketable
  • LEARN to develop a competitive resume with all the necessary keyword and correct format
  • GAIN the much-needed knowledge in bringing out your skills in a professional manner
  • GET the understanding to write a resume that is specially designed for a particular job and market yourself as a bankable employee
  • ACQUIRE the knowledge to highlight your professional achievements and personal success that is beneficial for the organization
  • BECOME proficient in presenting your resume in a strong manner
  • LEARN to make your resume highly appreciable by the employers by writing a compelling cover letter
  • PREPARE yourself to use words and phrases that are alluring for your resume and cover letter
  • GATHER the knowledge to have complete hold over your grammar to bring out an error-free resume
  • UNDERSTAND what needs to be included and excluded from the resume
  • GAIN the understanding to boost up your LinkedIn profile to be noticed
  • ACQUIRE skill in applying to various job sites to get positive revert
  • GET yourself prepared for the interview under the experts’ guidance

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  • No prior requirements
  • Want to upgrade your skill in writing a professional resume writing


Want to be a professional resume writer? Or

Want to get you noticed in a top-notch company

We make way for both your requirements!

The best place to do it is from HENRY HARVIN!!!

Many job seekers find it difficult to get their resume through a company with an imperfect resume that doesn’t match the current standards. Sometimes people are not able to understand that they did not even get shortlisted. The answer is your RESUME!

A resume is the summary of your skills, experience, and accomplishments and it should not be taken lightly as you may miss a golden opportunity because of that. It is a marketing tool that strongly puts forward your complete picture as a bankable employee. So let your resume stand out and catch every eyeball of the Hiring Manager with its powerful impression.

In this era of competition, when there is a long line of skilled and experienced professionals then you cannot take a chance to go unnoticed and this can only be achieved with a great and persuasive resume that fulfills all the criteria of being the one.

Resume writing is not as simple as it seems to be but requires great skills. It can help you land the job of your dreams and also make you establish yourself as a professional Resume writer in a reputed firm.

Most resumes go unnoticed because they do not provide enough information about the candidate, contain wrong information, irrelevant information that does not suit the job requirement, are not in a proper format, or do not highlight the skills to get the job.

When you are about to write a resume then you need to know the essentials that should be a part of your resume writing in today’s world that can make your resume top the list. Some of them are the best resume format, finding the keywords, adding the top keywords to the resume, highlighting accomplishments, and much more. The course will make a huge difference in your job and show you the right.

It is a comprehensive course that will give you a piece of in-depth knowledge about resume writing and will take leaps and bounds in your career today and in the future as well. Your career can touch newer heights with this professional course.

The course includes all the important steps of the resume-writing like:

  • Understanding elements like fonts, font sizes, space, bolding are a part of formatting.
  • Positioning the skills and experience at the right place
  • Making the resume so catchy that it does not get skipped by the hiring manager’s eye
  • Edit your resume in accordance with the job
  • Add the keywords that are industry-specific

What makes this course unique?

This course will make you understand the dos and don’ts of writing a resume.

  • Gain the knowledge of the words to avoid
  • What sections to include and exclude
  • Write without committing errors
  • Learn to do proper formatting

How is this course better than other resume writing courses?

  • Experts from the same industry who have a lot of experience and knowledge
  • Course content designed as per industry requirements
  • lots of practical sessions that can make you an expert in writing a resume

Words of appreciation from our Students

  1. “The course was really great and a lot of help because it has all the basic knowledge needed to write a strong resume and cover letter. I learned a lot from the course.”- Malini Singh
  2. “Course was informative and relevant. Overall, a good course to learn the important tips on making a good resume, the final result was really good.”-Parmeet Singh
  3. “Good course with a great explanation. It was indulging and informative that teaches you how to create a good resume. The course also taught us interview techniques as well. “- Sonia Monga
  4. “This course really provides an insight into professional resume writing techniques. It will help many of the students and resume writers to write the correct resume for them/others. I have learned the techniques of creating a perfect resume that is good for career growth.”- Ashwini Iyyer
  5. “The course is fabulous! It is very easy to understand and very informative as well. Really made me upgrade my skills. This has made me an industry-relevant writer ”- Irfan Rizvi

Who this course is for:

  • College graduates who want to start their career professionally
  • Professionals who want to switch their jobs
  • Anyone who wants to join a company as a professional resume writer
  • A professional who wants to make his/her resume look strong
  • Anyone who wants to have knowledge of the current format of resume writing
  • Students

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