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Create Telegram bot with NodeJS and Firebase Cloud Functions

Create a Weather Telegram Bot using NodeJS and Firebase Cloud Functions

Create a Telegram Bot using the Telegram Framework

Create Firebase Cloud Function

Work with Weather API

Deploy your bot to Firebase


  • You should understand basics of command line (optional)
  • Know the basics of Javascript and NodeJs
  • You have a Google Account connected with Firebase
  • You have a Telegram Account
  • Text editor (Visual Studio Code, Brackets, Sublime Text, Atom or IntelliJ) recommended


This is a practical course based on the Pareto principle. 80% – practice, 20% – theory. The course will help students understand the basics of Telegram Bot development using NodeJs, Telegraf Framework and Firebase Cloud Functions.

If you:

  • you’re new to Javascript
  • you are a JavaScript developer and want to learn basic of Firebase Cloud Functions, Telegram, Telegraf, NodeJs
  • you want to create a Telegram Bot and deploy it to Firebase
  • you can create bots using another programming language and want to learn in practice how to create a bot using NodeJs and Telegraf

You will learn how to:

  1. Register on Firebase
  2. Create a Firebase Cloud Functions project
  3. Create a local project
  4. Get a Telegram API Token
  5. Work with Telegraf Framework
  6. Work with Weather API
  7. Work with environment variables
  8. Deploy the Telegram Bot to Firebase

See you shortly

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner JS developers
  • Anyone who wants to create a Telegram Bot using the Firebase and NodeJs

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