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Exploiting Buffer Overflow Course – Udemy Coupon

A comprehensive course. Learn to exploit buffer overflow.

What you’ll learn

  • Win32 Assembly
  • Exploiting Buffer Overflow


  • Basic knowledge of Linux


The difficulty is that most IT professionals do not have the general software development background required to begin the subject of buffer overflow. This course cuts down the technical subjects of computer memory management, controlling code, and data inside of a working program, and exploiting poor quality software into terms that IT people with no software development knowledge can understand.Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Programmers

3.0 Instructor Rating
4,244 Reviews
162,257 Students
39 Courses

Abdul MotinComputer Engineer and It Expert

My name is Motin. I am a Computer Science Engineer. Online teaching is my passion. I making videos and teaching online since 2007. I am working on different it fields for more than ten years. Now i want to share my valuable knowledge and experience! In my courses i like to teach in a very easy and simple manner. All of my courses start with basics then i teach some of the advanced topic and at last i give real world examples. My course are easy to learn, informative and updated.

3.0 Instructor Rating
8,107 Reviews
333,676 Students
92 Courses

Marufa YasminWeb Developer

Hello, My name is Marufa Yasmin. I am a professional web developer. I am working as a web developer for a long time and also i have worked for some of the best company of the world. Now i want to share my valuable knowledge using online courses. In my courses i will assume that you have no prior knowledge but at the end you shall learn the subject very well.

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