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Java9 New Features – Learn by coding it

Understand the new features in Java 9

What you’ll learn

  • You will get better understanding about JAVA9
  • Able to start coding once completed this course


  • It’s must to have some knowledge of Java, or another object oriented language


You will get better understanding about new features introduced in Java9 and new enhancement to existing concepts.

The following topics discussed in detail. Java 7 and 8 features also explained based on requirement.

Hence students not familiar with old versions will be able to understand the new changes.

Topics : –

  1. Private Methods in Interfaces
  2. Diamond Operator Enhancements
  3. Try With Resources Enhancements
  4. SafeVarargs Annotation Enhancements
  5. Factory Methods for Creating unmodifiable Collections
  6. Stream API Enhancements
  7. The Java Shell(RPEL)
  8. The Java Platform Module System(JPMS)
  10. Process API Updates
  11. HTTP/2 Client

Who this course is for:

  • To understand new features of Java 9 Java 7 or Java 8 programmers wanting to find out more about Java 9

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