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Learn to Play Guitar In 20 Days – Guitar Beginner Lessons

Are you ready to learn how to play guitar? Now you can learn to play guitar in 20 days.

What you’ll learn

  • The goal of this course is to teach you the necessary skills to play beginner guitar. This includes how to hold and tune the guitar, how to play single notes, and chords. The material covered in this course is the fundamental building blocks that playing guitar is built on. With some work these videos will help you to have a solid foundation for your guitar playing. Like most things in life, getting off on the right foot is important, and playing guitar is no different.


  • There is no pre-requisites of this course. The main things you need to have before enrolling in this course is a 6 string Guitar and a device to watch this course.


Welcome to this Beginner Guitar Course. Through this 20 days course you will learn the skills necessary to start playing guitar. If you have never played guitar or any other musical instrument before that is ok, if you slowly work your way through the videos. Making sure to practice what you have learned before moving on, I know that you can master the guitar in no time.

This course has 21 main videos with the common terminology used when talking about the guitar…what is the neck?…What are frets?

Then we will show you how to tune the guitar so that it is playing the notes that it should. From there we get into actually playing the guitar. First we take a look at playing first position notes. This is just a fancy term for playing single notes with all of your fingers. Guitar is similar to typing at a computer, you might find that it is fine to get by with only using 2 fingers and pecking around, but you will find that you can type faster and more smoothly if you learn how to use all of your fingers together.

After learning how to play single notes we take a look into playing more than one note at a time, which is called a chord. We will teach you to play open chords, which are the basic chords that comprise a large majority of acoustic guitar music. There are many different types of chords but will learn how to play what is called major and minor chords. These two types of chords are very common in music and are huge basis for many songs. Along with learning the notes to play a chord we also take a look at the groove, or rhythm that accompanies chords. This rhythm is called strumming, and it is helpful to learn as you learn to play your first chords.

Then we move into a little bit harder but still manageable area of moveable scale patterns. We will take a look at the major scale as well as the blues scale. These are simple shapes on the guitar that you can memorize, and can then be moved all up and down the neck to give you the major and blues scales starting on any note. We will talk about what keys are and how you can use your moveable scale patterns to play the scales in any key.

Lastly we will take a look at Bar Chords. Bar chords are a little bit trickier than open chords but they have the same advantage as the moveable scale patterns, as one chord shape with your hand can be moved all over the guitar to allow you to play any number of different chords.

Armed with this knowledge, I know that you can work on these guitar principles and be playing guitar in no time. It may seem daunting at first, but broken up into manageable pieces you can learn to play the guitar. I hope that the things that this course covers are interesting to you, so that together we can help you start playing guitar today.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginner guitar players who want straightforward and organized guidance from an expert teacher.

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