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RASA :Build and Deploy Your Chatbot On The Cloud (100% FREE)

Your RASA Course Guide From Installation to Deployment And Get Your RASA Certification ! (Last Updated RASA Framework)

What you’ll learn

  • Build chatbots
  • Connect your chatbots to a website or any plateform
  • Make your chatbot intelligent
  • Create your own website and integrate your chatbot
  • Deploy your chatbot to an online server


  • No knowledge or experience requires for this course


This course will teach you how to build, deploy your chatbots – with the help of the open source framework  RASA and the power of AI.

What is special about this course:

      – Without Any Knowledge Requires , You Will Be Able To Build A Professional Chatbot Using Python, RASA  And Deploy It Into The CLOUD (100% FREE)

      – All these technologies and languages will be explain for the absolutes beginners without any experience of development

Why taking this course:

This course is different from others by this structure:

1) Learn to deploy your Chatbot in 20 mins into your website ( creating of your website is integrated in this course )

2) Understand the concept of each step for being able to create your new Chatbot

3) This course focus on the practical way to learn RASA ( with creating your own chatbot during your learning )

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to develop chatbots

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